A problem with WhatsApp? Here are solutions!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications worldwide. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that the application is not running. Sometimes the app fails and causes a panic on social networks. Sometimes it is simply an error on your phone. Here are all the problems that you may encounter and all solutions to fix it.
A problem with WhatsApp? Here are solutions!

When WhatsApp does not work, it is important to d├ęterminier the orgine problem. We must quickly determine if there is a general concern or error that affects you only.

1. WhatsApp is down

There are several ways to find out if the messaging application is down:

You can not send or receive messages. A pending this particular clock is beside the messages you want to send.
You can not look at the date and time of the last connection of your WhatsApp contacts (but be careful because some users may activate this option)
You receive an error message "local connection timeout"
If these errors affect other users, this means that the application is suffering a failure that can affect large numbers of users, if not all.

If it is not a totally blackout, you can test these solutions:

Check if your 3G or 4G and WiFi signals are disconnected. Try resetting them.
Check that you have accepted all the permissions of the application.
Shut off and reboot your phone
If none of this works, the application is down. We must therefore take your troubles patiently and use another instant messaging application.

The best alternatives to WhatsApp on Android

2. Problems to install WhatsApp on his phone
To download WhatsApp, you need a smartphone running Android 2.1 at least. To check the version of your phone, go to Settings> About phone> Android version.

Also check that you have enough space to install the application. Attenton to install WhatsApp, it is also necessary to have a telephone number ..

3. Install Whatsapp on a tablet without 3G or Root
If you have a tablet that works only with WiFi, you can not normally install WhatsApp, but in reality a very simple trick allows you to do so.

How to use WhatsApp without a SIM card?
How to use WhatsApp on Web tablet?
4. I do not receive the activation code WhatsApp
During the installation of the application, WhatsApp requires to enter a phone number to send a verification code. All of this service accounts are connected to a number. WhatsApp then sends a message to the phone number you have contacted an activation code that allows you to run for good service.

So be careful out there indicate the code indicative of your country. Remember, this is for France's 33 and not 0033. The latest versions of the application usually can recognize your position and add the code automatically. But however remain vigilant because errors occur.

Know that if you do not receive the SMS, WhatsApp will call you to send you a new activation code.

5. Connection Problems
Most of the time, this problem depends on your internet connection or WhatsApp connection to which it has happened several times to plant. If you are unable to send a message, several options are available:

The simplest and most common solution: reboot the phone.
You may also need to install the latest version of the application because yours is too dated (in this case, appointment in the Google Play Store to check your updates).
Check your Internet connection, WiFi or 3G (via Settings, and Network Connection).
Make no Task Killer has been activated (a third party application that will help you save energy by shutting down applications).
Clear Cache (Settings> Applications> WhatsApp)
Clear data (same path as above)
Finally, extreme solution: remove the application (same road) and reinstall it.
Feel free to read our article:  How to solve problems with an Android app?

6. Whatsapp does not recognize my contacts
You can have your friends 'friends' contact list or the "family" that are hidden. Make sure they are in visible mode.

7. I can not block unwanted contacts
WhatsApp gives you the ability to block contacts. This is a necessary option if you share your phone number with all your accidentally Twitter directory (it happened to "a friend"). To place unwanted contacts, you simply go to  Settings> My Account> Privacy> Blocked and t Click on the button  Add New  to add contacts to your blocked contacts list from your address book.

8. I can not hide the hour of my last connection
You may if you wish hide the time and date of your last connection to the WhatsApp application. To do this, management  Settings> My Account> Privacy.

9. I want to delete my account Android WhatsApp
If you do not manage to detach yourself from WhatsApp, you can delete it. But know that when you decide to remove WhatsApp, you can no longer retrieve it again on this issue. To do this, go into WhatsApp. Click Menu> Account Info Settings> Delete account.
Revive your number and click "Delete account". You are free!

10. I do not pay my subscription WhatsApp
WhatsApp is a free fake. A small line at registration will ask you indeed to pay after a moment. It is therefore necessary to subscribe. Three options are available: 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

To pay 0.89 euros a year, you have three options: Paypal, Google Wallet and payment Send link.

The first offer you through your browser to pay with your Paypal account or if there is card.
The second is your Google Wallet account to which you can subscribe to easily purchase applications (Google you give your banking information).
The latter will send a purchase link by email.
What problems are you having? Tell in the comments and share your solutions!
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